On Monday, June 18, the students of Milan Polytechnic (polimi.it), will show their creations of tomorrow’s leather in a fashion show at 12:30 pm at the faculty of design, Polytechnic, Milan.

In collaboration with leather trade fair Lineapelle (lineapelle-fair.it), the students in Polytechnic’s first-year design course, “Laboratory of Industrial Design M1,” taught by Marco Turinetto, Susanne Kreuzer and Simona Sansonetti, have been working on a special project. The 55 creative students were asked to embody the culture and atmosphere of a city, country or region, from Sydney to Loreto and India, in a piece of leather clothing or leather accessory.

“Projects like these help the students learn how to conceive an idea and realize a project, as well teaching them how to communicate and distribute their work,” says course-coordinator Turinetto. “In future they’ll have to be able to market their brands.”

During the course the students had to work on different stages of the business process. The first step was for every student to describe his or her city through a mood sketch of photos, colors and materials. The young talents then worked out their ideas in leather, sponsored by companies collaborating with Lineapelle. Following this, the young designers were introduced to the world of b2b, coordinating communications for their exhibition by arranging a stand at Lineapelle in April and organizing the show at the Polytechnic.

The global theme corresponds neatly with the course content. The class often includes people of different nationalities, and this year one-third of the students come from Turkey, Iran, Estonia, Finland and Uzbekistan. “We gave the students towns they did not expect for their theme,” says Kreuzer. “So they had to open their minds to seek creative inspiration.”

The course is based on a study developed by Kreuzer and Turinetto. Together they are responsible for creating the “LoEdGlo Society,” an abbreviation for “localization, education and globalization.”

“With these projects we want to take Italy to the world and bring the world back to Italy,” says Turinetto.

The students’ works can be seen at the Polytechnic in an exhibition until June 27.

— Barbara Stockinger, Contributing Editor