Big things are happening at LA Chinatown's tiniest new retail space. Opened this past weekend, New High (M)art (, a petite 300-square-foot storefront is a new retail concept that operates on a calendar similar to that of art galleries, presenting now-you-see-it-now-you-don't consumption opportunities with a series of designer pop-up stores, guest buyer/curator mini-boutiques and thematic retail moments where the only thing permanent will be change.

Kicking off this experiment in retail marketing on November 3rd, was a Pop-Up Store for Los Angeles-based designer Brian Lichtenberg ( Opening its doors for 6 weeks, Lichtenberg will round out his pop-up store with any and all objects d'fashion he can be persuaded to part with.

Co-owners Miho Ikeda and T-RIK conceived of New High (M)art as a response to the stale business model that often plagues boutiques today. Their solution: create a small easy-to-manage environment that allows a single designer, brand or idea to be fully explored, realized and merchandised one fleeting store-op at a time.

"The value of today's designer no longer simply resides in the lines they create season-to-season, but in every artifact of their personal taste" says T-RIK, whose background includes wardrobe styling, creative direction, and brand consulting. "This could be anything from a piece that didn't make it in a collection, the music they listen to, a photograph they've taken or the results of a shopping trip to Marrakesh. New High (M)art looks forward to sharing this other side with the public as well."

"I just want to play around with a retail format that is constantly changing so that nobody gets too bored, especially me!" adds Ikeda, a former retail manager with BIU Inc., the Japanese distributor of X-Girl, Milk Fed and Silas.

All store moments will be documented as part of a limited edition print piece.