The celebrity fashion segment is as rife as ever, with the Jackson Five being the latest entity to hop onto the bandwagon with a line of Jacko-inspired gear. Laughable and desperate as many of these ventures may be, one business to defy critics of the genre is rock star Liam Gallagher’s range, Pretty Green. The idea behind the label came about in 2008 after Gallagher finished touring and started pondering what to do next. Having always been a fashion aficionado with a personal style copied and envied by many, a clothing line was soon in the works.

Now in its 3rd season, the name has drummed up 100 accounts in the UK, and over 20 on the international arena in countries such as Sweden, Canada and Japan. To widen its appeal further, and cater to its growing crop of international accounts, Pretty Green plans to show its f/w 2011 collection at B&B, Stitch, Project and Gallery, as well as Pitti and Who’s Next. At the end of December 2009, the label opened doors at a pop-up store on London’s Carnaby Street, which still remains open and also functions as a showroom and office.

Speaking of the offer itself, the label is divided into two ranges: the Black Line leans towards tailoring and a dressier expression, whereas the Green Line focuses on an all-encompassing selection of everyday classics including polos, knits, jeans, chinos, shirts, jackets and coats. A range of footwear is set to launch in January 2011. Looking further into the future, womenswear may well be a possibility, as well as a line of lifestyle products.

“Liam is a very fussy designer. He’s got a very clear idea of what he wants, and he’s averse to anything that looks too fashion-y. Moreover, he has a meticulous approach to fit, particularly when it comes to jeans,” says Sales Manager Dean West, who’s worked closely with Gallagher since the inception of the brand.