The Netherlands' Kuyichi said General Manager Tony Tonnaer will leave the organic denim brand on April 1. Former Managing Director Frank van der Klaauw has been appointed to lead the company in his place. “After seven interesting years at Kuyichi, the time has come to widen my horizon and face new challenges,” said Tonnaer. Since 2003 Tonnaer has been responsible for the brand’s conceptual design and its position on the international market. Van der Klaauw and his team including Sales & Marketing Director Leo Cantagalli and Brand & Product Director Nur Basaran will continue Tonnaer’s work and focus on increasing trading in Europe. In 2010 the brand intends to open two monobrand stores in the Netherlands and France, as well as several shop-in-shops in Germany, the UK and France. Following Kuyichi’s launch by the Dutch NGO Solidaridad in 2001, its organic cotton and fair trade products are now available in over 500 European countries.

—Lena Grossmüller