The next edition of Jam (Jeans Affair Munich) will take place in Berlin. Organizers have confirmed that the fair featuring denim, streetwear and sportswear will move from Cologne to Germany’s capital, where it will run concurrently, from Jan. 20-22, with Bread & butter, Premium and Berlin Fashion Week. The location will be Rathenau Hallen in the south east of the city. “Cologne was the right decision at that time, but meanwhile the market has completely changed. We are moving to Berlin to synergize. That way everybody can profit from Berlin’s attraction,” said marketing and sales manager Günther Sommer. As announced, a lot of exhibitors who were present at the last summer edition in Cologne voted for moving to Berlin after several alternatives were discussed. In the meantime, the newly launched menswear segment is expected to remain part of Jam, and will be expanded and accompanied by womenswear and accessories.

—Melanie Gropler