While Pitti is ready to start, Artcrafts, Italian distributor of young and sportswear brands including Crocs, Teva, Colors of California, Canadian Classics and Pajar, announces the opening of its first concept store Paragon, in Florence, Via dei Servi 92/r, inaugurated at the end of April 2011.

This store with 70sqm is devised to be the first of a series in order to better convey the image of these different though complementary brands all of which are colorful, fun and in a medium price range, through a store concept that is a crossover between a monobrand and a multibrand store.

"The idea was born in order to offer a harmonic selection of the brands I distribute by presenting a colorful range of products - all of which priced between €40-€80 (sometimes up to €100) for retail," comments Simone Ponziani, owner of Artcrafts. “Teva is a shoe and sandal brand for travelling and holidays, Crocs is more comfort-driven while Colors of California is more fun and playful."

The aim of the company is to open about two stores per year and initially reach four stores by end 2013. The new concept will offer five brands in winter and three in summer (Canadian and Pajar are only available for the winter).