Istituto Marangoni, the fashion and design school headquartered in Milan, is offering a Master’s in Fashion Styling program exclusively at its London campus, beginning on Feb. 15.

Star stylists such as Rachel Zoe, Anna Dello Russo, Polly Mellen and Philip Bloch own more skills than meets the eye: taste in fashion, of course, but also media knowledge, analysis of trends and the ability to anticipate trends.

To create skilled experts in both image and style, the program is conceived with a comprehensive syllabus: photography for styling advertisements, an understanding of fashion languages for co-ordinating the mood of a fashion show, usage of visual displays within shops, editorial knowledge, and brand communications studies. The image consultant must also build working relationships with the press, directors, model agencies, as well as direct marketing and packaging agencies. The study plan teaches students that although the success of the label is linked to image, they cannot succeed without all its participants working together.

The eight-month course, beginning Feb. 15 and ending Dec. 17, will be split into seven, 2-1/2-hour lessons per week. Twenty places are available for applicants holding university or post-diploma university degrees.

Since 1935 Istituto Marangoni has taught three generations of professionals and over 35,000 students, among them some of the fashion and design world’s most respected names, including Domenico Dolce of Dolce & Gabbana. The Istituto counts 2,400 students from 71 different countries divided between three campuses in Milan, Paris and London. Courses have been consistently updated and are hosted by professionals to grant students the ability to interact directly with the industry. Marangoni offers courses at all levels (from three years to Masters programs) divided into two faculties: fashion and design.

—Maria Cristina Pavarini