SI Editor-in-Chief Sabine Kühnl got the chance to meet one of our secret cover models for an exclusive interview.  Read in a small preview three selected questions and answers and guess who our fantastic cover model is?

For some time, you are also known for your colourful extravagant outfits. Do you consider yourself a style icon?
Well, I do care about my style, but I do not follow a strict concept. It all depends on the mood of the day. With my looks I am telling a story, and it’s a different one every day.

There is this fashion blogger Bip Ling from the UK and it’s very original the way she dresses with her kind of 50ties and 60ties attitude. And I like Dolly Parton with her mix of Barbie and Country looks.

What brands and designers are among your favourites?
For sure Holly Fulton from the UK because she does great prints. And when it comes to high fashion I think Celine does a great job.

What do you think? Who is our glamourous cover model?

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