Jeans and sportswear brand Gas has announced the start of a series of operations for fall/winter 2012/13 that are part of a wider-reaching digital strategy aimed at redefining, strengthening and improving its web presence.

This past July, in partnership with digital marketing agency Kiver, Gas gave its Facebook fans an exclusive preview of its fall/winter 2012/13 campaign. A specially created Facebook application within the page displayed photos by fashion photographer Giampaolo Sgura, leading to fan numbers doubling in just two weeks. The social media marketing strategy, which continued throughout October 2012, also featured a YouTube campaign involving the company's new Brand Channel.

The site has also undergone an overall graphic restyling and now has a more interactive and user-friendly appeal including the addition of a new section dedicated to collections and a more integrated use of videos. A new Gas e-shop iPhone app will also be available shortly and will allow customers to make a purchase without leaving the application itself. For some months, the Vicenza-based company has also been making investments in web marketing that involve major search engines with advanced search and banners as well as retargeting and email marketing campaigns directed at major European markets.

Barbara Grotto, the brand's Head of Communications, summed it up as follows: "We have a lot of faith in the digital world. Because of this, our website now combines communication and e-commerce, and is rounded out by social networks. We've developed the system through our own inside digital specialists and top notch experts and partners."