Luxury brand Gucci will hold a special archival exhibit entitled “Timeless Touch of Craftsmanship: Korean Heritage Meets 91 Years of Gucci Archive” at the Korea Furniture Museum (KOFUM) from April 25 to May 12 in Seoul, Korea. This exhibit will feature unique and coveted pieces from Gucci’s historical archive juxtaposed with the work of Korean furniture craftsmen in a ‘Hanok,’ a traditional Korean house. As an international cultural exchange that aims to promote the value of traditional craftsmanship, the exhibit conveys a universal message that the artisan's expertise transcends time and borders.
Gucci’s 91 year history and its impeccable craftsmanship have been maintained by Italian artisans, many of whom have been associated with the company for generations. This special exhibit reflects Gucci’s appreciation of Korean heritage in line with the House’s philosophy of respecting its own authentic roots and the tradition of craftsmanship.
This will mark the first time for Gucci to bring 80 archival pieces to showcase in Korea. These items represent the time-honored traditions of craftsmanship with the allure of fashion, creativity, and exclusivity from the Gucci Museo located in Florence, Italy. These collections will be on display in one of the ten traditional houses of KOFUM, in which 1,500 pieces of traditional furniture and living items with 300 years of history are showcased. As demonstrated through the exhibit, Gucci’s Italian heritage is harmonious with the furniture and display materials that represent the Chosun Dynasty nobility as created by Korean artisans. This exhibit will give visitors an in-depth appreciation for the values that these two countries embody with their arts.
... at the Korea Furniture Museum (KOFUM) from April 25 to May 12 in Seoul, Korea.
... at the Korea Furniture Museum (KOFUM) from April 25 to May 12 in Seoul, Korea.

“The special exhibition was conceived to show Gucci’s appreciation for the long, cherished history of Korean craftsmanship,” said Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. “Gucci and KOFUM share a common philosophy that heritage is the fundamental basis for future progress and I hope that visitors enjoy this unique collection.”
For the three weeks of the exhibit, Gucci is pleased to partner with KOFUM and is particularly honored that Ms. Misook Jeong, Founder and Director of KOFUM, will be the Curator. Ms. Jeong has collected ‘Hanoks’ that were in danger of destruction since 1996 and moved those ‘Hanoks’ to Seongbuk-dong, transforming them into the Museum. The display curated by Ms. Jeong will integrate the archival Gucci pieces from handbags to lifestyle items with Korean cultural history and arts as embodied in the traditional house and furniture in a series of vignettes.
“Gucci's archival pieces show the true value of craftsmanship and heritage of the brand. With such exquisite pieces, I wanted to envision an elegant woman from Joseon Dynasty in Korean traditional costume, Hanbok holding Gucci handbag with refined artisanship,” said Founder and Director of KOFUM, Misook Jeong. “I hope for this exhibition to highlight timeless beauty through the integration of Korea's historic furniture and lifestyle elements with Italy’s legacy of craftsmanship.”