Art and fashion intertwined on Tuesday night at the Marithé+Francois Girbaud store in SoHo as the brand unveiled the fifth installment of its CONSTRUCKT ( design series, a succession of art exhibits that are shown and sold at the Girbaud stores.

Curated by Sebastien Agneessens and produced by Reflex Advertising, the new exhibiton is called “Moment of Impact” and features the works of Belgian architect Jeroen de Schrijver. The artist’s work, including sculptures made from marble and fiberboard, reflects and complements Girbaud’s patented “Non Surgical Face Lift” technology, which uses lasers to create patterns and designs and a special multi-layer process that allows, for example, pockets to be fully integrated into the construction of the brand’s innovative clothing. The technology was used on the fall/winter collection, which is currently in stores.

Founder Francois Girbaud (shown above, peering through one of the sculptures in the exhibit) was on hand and discussed the environmental benefits of using lasers as opposed to treatment processes such as stonewashing. “We are happy to make it with light. We have to save the water for the next generation,” he told Sportswear International. “This new treatment is to save the water,” he added. “We cannot wait for another 20 years – and we are not talking politics, we are talking being human.”