The new Carlo Pazolini store, designed by architect Giorgio Borruso, has just opened in Milan city center, in the financial district area of Piazza Cordusio.

The Italian footwear and accessory brand already successfully operates 130 stores in Russia and Eastern Europe. Pazolini's present goal is now to also expand into Western Europe. The new Milan store designed by Borruso, sets a new course for the brand and will be followed by a series of openings, including stores in Rome and London.

The new store concept recreates a symbolic metamorphosis. Its front undulated wall is characterised by a piece - the opposite area of the entrance - presenting a cellular shelving system of rounded and elongated multicolor seats. The central area hosts black metal tubes, while the cash desk area is a white, clean surface. “The project plays with time as color compositions shift as one moves through the space,” comments Borruso. “The new installations wrap into each other; each one shapes the other, just as our bodies both reshape and are shaped by the things we wear.”

Giorgio Borruso is a renowned Italian architect based in the USA, who has worked for several companies, including fashion brands such as Fornarina, Fila, Miss Sixty, Paul Frank and Zu+Elements. His Giorgio Borruso design studio was recognized with a series of awards. In November, within “The City and The World Conference" in Madrid, he will receive the 2010 International Architecture Award for having designed the Fornari Group headquarters in Milan. This is the 50th award that Fornari and Borruso were given together, and the second International Architecture Award received by Borruso. The first one, he won for designing the Snaidero Showroom Coral Gables in 2008.