Denim brand G-Star’s new spring/summer 2012 global advertising campaign introduces fast rising actress, Clémence Poésy in images captured by the iconic photographer and filmmaker, Anton Corbijn. G-Star’s new autumn/winter 2012 collection was presented yesterday at Bread and Butter Berlin with a RAW art performance.

Born in 1982 in Meudon, France, Clémence took on her first acting job at the age of 14. She starred in the Academy Award nominated film In Bruges with Colin Farrell, and in 127 hours, the highly acclaimed follow-up of Danny Boyle’s Award winning Slumdog Millionaire. She became known amongst a wider audience through her role as Fleur Delacour in several Harry Potter films and her part in the US hit series Gossip Girl.

Clémence’s rare and effortless beauty and style are an inspiration for the fashion world, and frequently featured in Vogue as well as on various magazine covers, from i-D to Nylon to Zoo Magazine to Crash.

The fast rising actress reflects the G-Star RAW brand DNA. She is a confident, strong and in control woman without compromising her femininity. Clémence’s character embodies our unexpected combinations philosophy of mixing contradictory elements as she features in both Hollywood blockbusters and independent films.

Clémence on the G-Star campaigns: “I got to know G-Star RAW through their campaigns and Anton Corbijn’s photography. It comes out in magazines, it’s different, it’s very simple, and it’s got something very rock & roll.”

Returning for the campaign are iconic photographer and film maker Anton Corbijn, whose black-and-white images were shot in Lisbon, and artist, filmmaker, actor and musician Vincent Gallo, who was introduced in the Autumn/Winter 2011 campaign.

In the campaign, both Clémence and Vincent wear the Arc pant, representing the continuing 3D denim innovation within G-Star. This iconic G-Star fit is the second 3D denim ever designed and this season G-Star introduces new and improved fits.

The G-Star spring/summer 2012 campaign will launch in print and online in February and outdoor media beginning of April. The campaign outfits of both Clémence and Vincent will be made available through G-Star Stores, marked with a special hang-tag for easy identification.

Denim Theme anchors G- Star Autumn/Winter 2012 Show

Yesterday G-Star RAW presented its new autumn/winter 2012 collection at Bread and Butter Berlin. G-Star is always looking for new ways to express its DNA, and this season chose to create an unexpected combination of a fashion show and contemporary dance.

G-Star’s proprietary raw denim formed the basis for the clothing in the RAW art performance, which included seven male and seven female dancers. The show is based on a performance of Dutch choreographer and modern dance ambassador Conny Janssen. For G-Star Janssen re-choreographed ZOUT into a twelve minute fashion-ballet show. The professional dancers all wore pieces from the G-Star autumn/winter 2012 collection

Denim Theme anchors G- Star autumn/winter 2012 Show at Bread& Butter Berlin
Denim Theme anchors G- Star autumn/winter 2012 Show at Bread& Butter Berlin

The foundation of G-Star is based on denim, offering a broad bandwidth of styles, providing denim for everybody and being a true democratic denim brand. Highlights this winter include the introduction of the New Radar for men and women. This denim pant has lowered front pockets to create an effortless attitude, without having to wear your denim as ‘hang low’ as popularised by street culture for many years. Continuing this season are the 3D denim innovations throughout the G-Star collections. New fits introduced for Autumn/Winter are the Super Slim fit for men and the High Waist Skinny for women.

In terms of washings a key innovation this season is DeepTones. G-Star’s new and unique denim treatment causes it to hardly fade when washed; making sure that dark denim stays dark. All iconic G-Star denims for both men and women will be available in DeepTones: G-Star Elwood, 3301, New Radar, Arc pant and Midge.

Alongside the denim theme, G-Star brings a colour palette of yellows, reds and oranges to the colour denim collection. RAW Correct Line offers this season a modern, city-formal wardrobe inspired by the 20’s street style and socialites, including a fresh palette of python blue, bullet grey, orange and white. To complement these palettes G-Star introduces a strong black denim range in different fits.

Clémence Poésy introduced the performance and  also sat front row along with German celebrity Cosma Shiva Hagen.