Please describe your key look for summer 2009.
Rock Chic meets CSR (corporate social responsibility).

What fabrics and colors are hot for summer 2009?
Organic cottons, fair trade silks and oeko-tex jerseys.
Turquoise, lilac, black and white.

What patterns, prints or details are hot for summer 2009?
Modern graphic prints and tassels.

What are the key accessories including footwear for summer 2009?
Cowboy boots

As Noir and Bllack focus very much on social responsibility and certified fabrics, who’s following your lead?
There are still not many boutiques out there that fully focus on CSR and ethical fashion in our target segment. But if you want to name two of our clients here for Noir, Equa (London) and Fashion Conscience (an online boutique).

Peter Ingwersen is the founder of Noir, the hip Danish brand that has received critical praise for its unabashedly sexy, luxurious and sustainable stance on style. This fall the company will launch Bllack Noir, a diffusion line with a more youthful, edgy twist. Like Noir, the sub-brand strives to follow a sustainable business philosophy and is proud to adhere to the principles of the UN Global Compact. Bllack Noir offers T-shirts to dresses; a capsule collection of 60 styles will be offered twice a year and priced in the better market segment.

Interview: Michaela Schmidinger