Australian company Fast Lane has taken over the Australian footwear brand Emu Australia ( from its founder, Emu Ridge Australia.

The new ownership is supposed to bring changes in the production and price ranges. However, distribution structures will stay the same. For example, the brand’s European division, Emu Ridge Europe, will remain in Hamburg, Germany despite the new ownership.

“We want to position Emu even more in well-known footwear stores. The new ownership by shoe expert Fast Lane will definitely help to realize this plan,” said Kerstin Pakter, Emu’s general manager of Europe.

Prices for typical Emu products, such as the Merino Ugg boots, have already been lowered up to 20%. In addition, the footwear range will soon show a new, more relaxed, colorful and very Australian look, Pakter says.

— Sabine Kühnl, Bureau Chief Germany