The controversy surrounding China’s ongoing war with Tibet, especially in view of it’s role as host for the next Olympic games, is being observed and commented on worldwide.

As such the eagerly awaited sports event in August is being used by pro-Tibet supporters to constantly remind people of the human rights violation against the occupied Tibetan people (

And what's easier than supporting this cause by not only demonstrating on the streets but wearing the protest on your chest. Fashion brands are jumping on the bandwagon and selling slogan tees in support of the cause.

Komodo ( have launched the "Free Tibet" tee, a limited-edition carbon neutral organic cotton piece which is official merchandise for the Free Tibet campaign. Two designs are available, both for GBP20 (EUR25), 20% of which will go to the charity.

Also supporting the organisation is Denmark's tee brand CPH ( with a great "Controversial People of Honour - Free Tibet" print.

- Michaela Schmidinger | fashion features editor

Photo: Komodo's limited edition "Free Tibet" tee