Iconic Australian sheepskin footwear brand EMU Australia will grow its presence in the international arena with the launch of the company’s inaugural Australian merino wool and sheepskin women’s premium apparel collection for fall 2009.

EMU Australia combines 14 years of industry leading experience with Australian sheepskin and wool technologies, with a global reputation for quality products. The Australian-based company had been developing this range for two years.

“We’re already known globally for our premium sheepskin and wool products, so apparel is a logical extension for us. Wool is paramount on the fashion agenda,” says GM Europe Peter Lynes. “With our wool and sheepskin heritage we’re ideally positioned to lead the burgeoning global movement towards natural, eco-friendly and luxurious wool into the wardrobe.”

With existing business in over 10,000 doors worldwide, EMU Australia’s vast global presence should ensure the success of the apparel. “Our brand has widespread appeal and has established a prolific international presence because of its authentic Australian heritage, superior quality and premium value propositions,” says Australian-based International Sales Manager, Gene Maurice.

The fall 2009 Emu Australia apparel collection is made entirely from superfine merino wool and premium sheepskin. The collection is divided into merchandising categories that include base layers, comfort-inspired styles, chunky knits, outerwear and accessories — all with a strong lifestyle focus. The palette, meanwhile, is focused on classically fashionable neutrals, earth tones and darks augmented with splashes of seasonally relevant color.

“In sync with our footwear collection we are focusing on a classic design direction of clean lines, quality styling and subtle attention to detail that let the luxury of the materials speak for themselves,” says Australian-based designer Aileen Connors. “Wool is so wonderful in the way it feels on the skin, the way it drapes, its environmental attributes and its durability. We have created designs that, like the materials, will last the test of time.”