Japan-based sportswear and footwear manufacturer Asics (Asics.com) claimed victory in a Dutch court last week when judges allowed the company to continue to use the phrase "PVC free" in its marketing materials in that country.

Chlorophiles, an organization representing European workers in the PVC and chlorine industries, initially took issue with Asics’ written assertion that it was the only sports brand "which doesn’t use harmful PVC in its products." Chlorophiles said such claims were misleading and that PVC is not bad for the environment.

The case ended up in court after Asics voluntarily withdrew the "harmful PVC" statement but continued to use a "PVC free" logo on its shoes and website.

The Dutch judges said that the "PVC free" logo was neutral and factual statement that does not imply that PVC use is harmful.

Chlorophiles says it is considering appealing the court’s decision.

(From PRW.com)