As khakis make one of their biggest comebacks this fall and as a choice alternative to denim, Dockers, the quinessential khaki brand, is releasing a Limited Edition K1 pant that’s guaranteed to be a bestseller. Created as an extension to its F/W 2009 collection and produced in a limited edition of 500 pairs, the stylish trouser follows the demand for a premium tailored khaki pant. Each pair is carefully handcrafted and serialized with its own production number. Tailored to give a slimmer silhouette, the fabric used consists of a compact two-ply yarn twill and sailcloth for lining. In addition to matte metal fly buttons, waistband shank buttons replicate the patina of aged pewter, while the red K-1 printed stamp symbolizes the original wax seal. Each pair of Limited Edition Dockers K1 pants sold comes in its own zip-top brown paper sack, reminiscent of the pouches favored by tailors to carry their apparel in the early 20th-century, and is expected to retail for approximately €200 at select stores across Europe.

—Melanie Gropler