DC is teaming up with Lyon-based Sixpack France for its latest Double Label Project. Available Jul. 1 at DC flagship stores and select boutiques worldwide and featuring men’s premium footwear and apparel, the DC X Sixpack Double Label collection marks the most extensive collaborative project to date for DC, rolling over into subsequent seasons. Dubbed “Non Merci,” the first Sixpack collection draws inspiration from the ideas of political borders, impossible love and deep-seated feeling. The French phrase “Non Merci” is doubly interpreted as “I’m over it,” and the symbol of a beautiful blonde model, placed her on an untouchable pedestal as an object of desire, was created specially for the project and can be seen across the collection’s footwear and apparel. Two DC LIFE silhouettes, the Xander and Sector 7, have been designed with custom Sixpack patterns and logos and trimmed with pigskin leathers, while clear soles on both shoes sport the untouchable blonde model graphic. Accompanying the footwear is an apparel hook-up, which includes the Metro 100% genuine lambskin leather hooded jacket, Illusion reversible crewneck pullover and MCP zip hoodie. Rooted in graffiti and influenced by indie rock, pop and electronica, Sixpack began in 1998 as a collaborative project among friends and a storefront. Since then, it has been credited with creating one of the most influential platforms for young artists and designers.