Designers and Agents has announced plans to launch d&a green market, a sustainable trade show encompassing the worlds of fashion, lifestyle and design. The juried show will be launched during the Los Angeles spring market (Oct. 17-19) side by side with D&A.

Organizers are inviting ecologically-minded businesses, community-based organizations and a selection of sustainable business models to participate in the highly anticipated show. Edun, Stewart & Brown, Loomstate, and Namaste Green House have already confirmed their attendance.

For over two years, Designers and Agents Green Room has been nurturing young eco-conscious brands by offering them space in its eco-capsule, Green Room. With d&a green market, Designers and Agents will now realize the goal of expanding its green capsule into a standalone trade event running concurrently with the Designers & Agents spring and fall markets.

To create synergy between both events, organizers Ed Mandelbaum and Barbara Kramer have also committed to the Green programming that recurs annually at its May and June shows in New York and Los Angeles.

Participating brands will need to demonstrate that a minimum of 60% of their product line is achieved through sustainable practices.

“We believe that ‘green’ is not a trend but rather a way of life,” says Designers and Agents co-founder Barbara Kramer. “In order to shrink fashion’s carbon footprint,” Kramer adds, “you’ve got to give green design a bigger business presence. That positive footprint needs to be nurtured in order to grow. It has become apparent to us that we have created a platform for these emerging sustainable brands to meet the world of commerce in a supportive and expanding environment which is conducive to doing business and creating partnerships.”

Founded over 10 years ago, D&A showcases over 700 of the newest and brightest ready-to-wear and accessory designers in each of the five US markets in both New York and Los Angeles, and twice yearly in Tokyo, Japan.