Cross Jeans is contributing to Berlin’s Turmkunst art festival a limited edition run of specially designed shirts by the street artists taking part in the project. On April 1 Berlin began hosting Europe’s most spectacular open air gallery 48 meters above the streets of Berlin and spanning 2000 sq. meters. Four international artists commenced work on the red tower commonly known as “Bierpinsel,” which is a pop-art monument from the ’70s in the center of Berlin. Among the street artists are Flying Förtress from Munich, Soyzone from Brussels, Craig “KR” Costello from New York, and Honet from Paris, who was nominated “world’s best street artist of his time” by the Tate Modern in London. The artists are reworking the red façade of the tower, as spectators watch from a spacious urban art living room and bar with furniture made from concrete set up around the tower. The artists’ T-shirts will be sold at the Cross flagship store at Hackeschen Markt in Berlin and on the actual Bierpinsel site. The tops will retail for €39,90. Part of the proceeds will go to the social program Art Lovers, which supports young street artists.

—Isabel Mühlbauer