Cotton Council International, the overseas marketing organization of the National Cotton Council of America, will host a design competition for its trademark, COTTON USA. Consumers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be able to participate in the contest with the slogan “In Love with Cotton.” Until June 12, participants may choose online to customize different T-shirt samples by the brand Anvil with a slogan, pictures and other artwork before uploading them on the site. ”We would like to recollect all the positive attributes the fabric of cotton has. That’s why we started the contest,” said Edelgard Baumann, International Marketing Manager of Cotton Council International in Germany.

In 1989, Cotton Council International introduced the trademark COTTON USA to communicate the advantages of cotton. Licensees may use the Cotton USA mark to identify cotton products made from 50 to 100% of US-grown cotton. In 2009, COTTON USA launched its T-shirt design contests, “Let the T-shirt become an ambassador” and “Cotton’s Natural World,” to show its support to the International Year of Natural Fibres.