Conte of Florence Distribution Spa, the newly founded company from D&K Distribution Spa in Altopascio and Florence Sportswear Srl, has announced a new agreement that went into effect on October 1. The plan aims to begin management of the Conte of Florence brand division as well as its distribution network including wholesale, retail, franchising and outlet network distribution in Italy and abroad. The two-part proposal is meant to guarantee the continuation of the company's activity, the brand's rapid relaunch, and the acquisition of the Conte of Florence Distribution Spa’s whole network of stores.

The Conte of Florence was born in 1950’s Florence from an idea by entrepreneur Romano Boretti, who purchased the CON.T.E (Confezione Tessuti Esclusivi) store. He first started selling ready-made apparel and fabrics and in 1958 turned the business into a hat manufacturing company from which the Conte of Florence brand originated. The company gained international acclaim in the 1970’s when it began sponsoring Italy's professional ski team with the production of active wear including golf and sailing-wear as well as sportswear and casualwear.

The retail and wholesale brand of The Conte of Florence operates via 60 mono- and multibrand stores, 20 franchises and 16 outlets in Italy. Its foreign retail network includes five monobrand and two franchise stores and its wholesale network is spread throughout countries such as France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Russia, the former Soviet Union (Ukraine, Kazakistan, etc.), Finland, Poland, Norway, Turkey and Japan.

D&K Distribution is the company that owns and distributes sportswear brands such as Dekker, Dekher and Kejo.