Collection Première Istanbul will take place for the first time from August 26-28. Many renowned brands and designers have already signed up for the show. Brands in the contemporary segment include Avva, Basler, Blue Seven, Desperade London, DP Jeans, G-Star, and More & More. Those which have already confirmed their participation in the premium segment include Annette Görtz, Atil Kutoglu, Sabbatha, Oska and Tomo. The debut edition will be held on the historic Taskisla campus of Istanbul´s Technical University, close to Istanbul Fashion Week, and will present some 200 selected international and Turkish brands. Over the past two decades Turkey has established itself as a leading production powerhouse in the European fashion industry. One quarter of the country's total exports is accounted for by fashion and textiles. At the same time, Turkey’s fashion industry is undergoing drastic change and increasingly looking to develop and market brands developed by Turkish and international designers.