Three hundred and twenty pairs of Cheap Monday jeans, which were individually customized by bleaching, sand-papering and washing, hit 12 international Weekday stores and the Cheap Monday store today.

The effort takes the Swedish fashion and denim brand’s customized tour concept to a new level.

The theme for the Weekday tour is “Bondage Construction,” with planned stops in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Malmo, Copenhagen, Arhus, Hamburg and Cologne. The custom-made styles will retail at regular Cheap Monday prices but will be numbered.

Prior to their release, all 13 stores will be covered in straps, ratchets, tie downs, stretch and plastic film. On Thursday evening, parties will be thrown in all customized stores with DJs playing and a chance to preview the jeans before being put up for sale the next day.

Weekday and Cheap Monday’s customized tour originally started out in 2008 with a small range of one-of-a-kind jeans. Cheap Monday remains a part of Weekday Brands AB, a subsidiary in the group of Fabric Scandinavien AB, which 60% owned by Hennes & Mauritz and 40% owned by its founders Adam Friberg, Lars Karlsson, Örjan Andersson and Linda Friberg.

—Melanie Gropler