The Swedish denim brand Cheap Monday is well known for its skull logo and its skinny jeans. Founder and Creative Director Örjan Andersson still loves to work with denim. Here, Andersson talks about the company’s future plans and upcoming denim trends.

A few weeks ago, Cheap Monday started its tour again. For the first time it took place at different locations and stores at the same time. What was the event like?
It was a total blast with release parties in 13 stores simultaneously. We put the tour under a "construction" theme and we wrapped the entire stores in plastic and hung the jeans down from the ceiling. We will definitely re-run events like that.

In 2008 Cheap Monday was acquired by H&M. Can you give us some reasons and examples for this decision?

We both create fashion for the people and H&M has great knowledge and extensive experience that we can benefit from. It makes us stronger and better as a brand. There are no big changes though concerning design, the creative part or philosophy. 

Last year Cheap Monday opened its first store. Why did you start your rollout in Copenhagen?
We found a location and a space that we really liked and which suited the concept perfectly. We also love the city of Copenhagen.

What retail strategy do you have for the future?
Regarding Cheap Monday, retail strategies are now at a planning stage. So far it has not yet been decided where and when we are going to open new stores.

What are the strongest markets of Cheap Monday?
Cheap Monday’s strongest markets are Italy and Scandinavia.

How many POS does Cheap Monday have worldwide?
Cheap Monday has 1,600 doors worldwide.

Ann-Sofie Back was announced as your new Creative Director. What are your expectations? How should the collection be developed?
Ann-Sofie's experience and her strong feeling for fashion is very valuable for us.

Is denim still the key item of the collection?
Denim is always important to us.

What’s your aim regarding your design ambition?
We have an ambition to be modern, and Cheap Monday will follow the latest trends that we like and the ones that suit the brand. 

How important is denim for you personally?
I have been working with denim for the last 19 years and I love it.

What do you think about chinos? Do you believe in non-denim?
I believe in cargo pants in non-denim weaves.

What's your favorite style for summer 2011?
Tight-fitting jeans.  

And what are the key items for next summer?
For girls we have leggings with a glam print that has the same shape and placement as a jeans front, together with cropped and wide silhouettes on tops. On the men's side we have knitted cardigans with denim prints and denim shirts with matching color effects around the seams.