On August 22, German women's magazine Brigitte is set to present the new "Tom Tailor by Brigitte" line, designed in partnership with fashion and lifestyle label Tom Tailor. The companies have announced that they will continue to create several collections over the upcoming seasons, with plans to design a monthly offering that adheres to different headlines.

The first collection, titled “Urban City vs. Green Nature,” will be presented as a fashion layout in the 19/9 edition of Brigitte magazine. The 14 pieces in the upcoming autumn season were inspired by New York City's High Line, and features strong, modern colors like shining orange and intense turquoise with neutral tones such as black and off-white complementing the looks.

Tom Tailor will introduce all of the collections belonging to "Tom Tailor by Brigitte" as a premium segment of their product line, using only high quality materials such as 100% silk. For this reason, retail prices will be 20% higher than the regular Tom Tailor collection. The line will be available online and in 26 select German Tom Tailor stores.