Miner49er is the new destination store in San Clemente, CA. Opening on November 15, the 900-sq.-foot-inspired retail and showroom space on two floors will showcase men’s and women’s premium selvedge denim by Denim Design Lab, best known for its DIY finishing kits and Black Seed series of denim, and premium denim by Montreal-based brand Bzen.

In addition to vintage-inspired T-shirts and Rin Tanaka's "My Freedamn" books, the 1920s building, said to be the third building built in San Clemente, will house artifacts tracing the history of denim and items dating back to the 19th-century Gold Rush period in California, including original shuttle cocks and bobbins, authentic Carbide lamps, a "Double-D" shovel, mining pick, handheld gold scale, mining candle holder, drill bits and balance beams from an old covered wagon.

Says Denim Design Lab founder Brian Robbins: “From a design standpoint, we had a great head start due to the existing two-story layout and original tile flooring/details. To bring our 1850s miner concept to life, we had huge reclaimed wood tables built that run along the length of both walls of the retail space (wide enough to merchandise denim full length). The same craftsman built our cash wrap out of the same materials, which were, interestingly enough, built using wood reclaimed from a pharmacy torn down from the ’20s in LA.”

Robbins didn't stop there, however, transforming actual gold mining pans into lighting fixtures and reclaimed barn wood into signs and shadow boxes for cotton samples from Cone Denim, while keeping in mind a gallery space for future exhibits. As he puts it, “There is a lot going on. You have to see it in person.”

420 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672. +1 949 366 3304