The Swiss brand Belowzero, best known for its snowwear and surfwear, has completed its new positioning with the launch of a new line. Earth will strengthen its summer business with technical fashion, which, until now, was more focused on swimwear.

Targeted at fashion department store and fashionable sports stores, the collection of about 50 pieces for men and women consists of T-shirts, pants, shorts, sweatshirts and hoodies, as well as technical wear with water-resistant and windproof jackets, softshells and fleeces. “We are doing functional garments and put them into a totally fashionable look,” explained Bruno Guntern, CEO of Belowzero. “Earth is the answer to the growing consumers, who seeks for technical garments but don’t want to wear classical outdoor brands.”

As well, Belowzero plans to further highlight its Swiss heritage in the future. For the winter collection 2010, Belowzero has developed a new logo to stress its heritage and re-designed its website. The brand, which is sold in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Finland, Netherlands and Canada, is also focusing on North and Eastern Europe as part of its international expansion.