For a few days rumors have been swirling in fashion circles that Bread & Butter is rethinking its decision to no longer hold a show in Berlin.

Now, it seems, those rumors are true.

B&B CEO Karl Heinz-Müller and his organization are hoping to present a new show there called “BBB Kraftwerk,” which would target the industry’s inner circles. Although the show is still not a definite, Müller and his team will shop the concept to potential exhibitors at a "confidential" meeting in Berlin on November 22. See: (

Different from B&B’s usual big-scale concept, the event, scheduled for January 26-28, 2007, would be a smaller happening with a well-edited portfolio of 100 exhibitors at the Power Plant Vattenfall in Berlin-Mitte.

However, according to Vattenfall Berlin, there is no available location there that could provide enough space for such an event. An already closed machine hall on the power plant campus offers possibilities for cultural events without constricting the power plant’s business. However, this hall has already been leased to Tresor Records GmbH in Berlin, who were unavailable to comment on the possibility of its temporary use by Bread & Butter.

When questioned by Sportswear International about the new concept, Müller was reticent. “We do not confirm anything and we do not deny anything. We will be able to provide new information in mid December,“ he said.

Last month, Bread & Butter announced the cancellation of its Berlin edition and spread new uncertainty and confusion, especially among German and Northern European brands and buyers. Flagging enthusiasm for the Berlin edition, which had clearly been overshadowed by Bread & Butter Barcelona, was cited as the reason for the decision. As of October, the show had registered just 25% of its potential exhibitors.