“After the kickoff in Barcelona, we want to create a more national show with Bread & Butter in Berlin,” Karl-Heinz Müller, chief of Bread & Butter, said at press conference on Saturday at the Siemens Kabelwerk, where the show ran July 22-24 in Berlin.

The show’s attendance figures affirm that change. According to his statement, about 26,000 people visited the show – 15,000 less than the last Bread & Butter Berlin show in January. The majority came from Germany. Of the total visitors, 60% were German, 5% were British, 7% came from the Benelux countries, 5% were Italian, 5% were Austrian or Swiss, 3% were Scandinavian, 2% were US or Canadian, 2% were Spanish and 2% were French.

In all, 500 companies presented their products and fashion collections. Although it rained most days of the show, Müller was content with the overall mood. “Exhibitors and visitors were satisfied with the quality of their contacts,” he said. “All had a lot of time for business.”

As usual, the fair was divided into different areas: sportswear, streetwear, denim and premium fashion. In addition, a large space for entertainment was created with the Luna Park. This big open-air area, where visitors and exhibitors could relax and treat themselves to quality time, featured a pool, barbeque, bars and a stage. Unfortunately, though, the rain and chilly air, which wasn’t broken by warm sunshine until Sunday afternoon, limited most people’s enjoyment of the Luna Park setup.

“With the shows in Barcelona and Berlin we reached the majority of retailers and buyers in Europe and we are very content with the results of the Bread & Butter Eurovision concept. So we’ll go further in 2006,” added Müller at the press conference.