Arqueonautas expands its European business. Guy van Dam is the new man for the Netherlands.

Van Dam comments: “I feel confident that the high- class fashion, that is inspired by the sea, that Arqueonautas produces fits perfectly into the Dutch market. It is my goal to enthuse the customers about the maritime brand.”

Apart from his activities at Arqueonautas, van Dam is also managing director for Force Majeure BV. Since March 2012 Arqueonautas has been an autonomous company within House of Brands, a sub-company of the Otto Group.

Managing director Jan-Erik van Dijk comments “The development of Arqueonautas in Germany makes us feel positive that we will succeed in the Netherlands as well. With a new management, excellent operational expertise, and a professional brand management we will position the brand in an upper mid-market.” Van Dijk explains that Arqueonautas utilizes the synergies of the Otto Group in operational terms, but is independent regarding distribution and brand strategy. Arqueonautas can therefore guarantee total consistency and reliability.

The distribution will take place in multilabel stores and shop-in-shops. In addition Arqueonautas is searching for franchise partners to open monobrand stores.