A selection of students from JAK academy for fashion design in Hamburg participated in a contest by Alu during EuroShop trade show (Feb. 26-March 2, 2011). The frame booth was arranged in five separate areas. The first day started with a ‘Service’ performance. On the second day, the attendees worked on a ‘Denim Apparel’ construction, while the device of the third day was ‘Cosmetics’. It was followed by ‘Apparel’ and ‘Electronics’ on the last two days. The artwork was presented by walls at varying heights, which were intended to guide visitors through the different Alu concepts.

Since March 3, the slideshows of the contest are uploaded on Alu’s facebook profile where you can vote for your favorite act until March 31. The winner will get the opportunity of an internship at Alu.

With a portfolio of standard, customized and fully custom products, Alu offers an end- to-end service, including design engineering, manufacturing, project management and execution of comprehensive retail environment. The company was founded in 1987 by photographer and entrepreneur, Lino Manfrotto. After opening their first store in the same year in New York City, Alu exists since 1992 also on the European market.