Fiscal year 2010/11 was an eventful year for Germany-based Ahlers Group, which was marked by rising procurement costs and economic surprises. Sales revenues rose by 2.2% to €256.2 million (previous year €250.8 million). Consolidated net income after taxes climbed 19% from €8.5 million to €10, and 1 million. A 7% increase in Germany means that Ahlers gained significant market share.

Sales revenues in Eastern Europe were up by 2%. Growth was especially dynamic in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states. The important Polish market continued to grow as well. By contrast, sales revenues in the recessionary Western European market declined by 3.6%. The export share climbed moderately from 46.4 to 46.9%. The premium brands, Baldessarini, Pierre Cardin and Otto Kern, achieved particularly strong growth by 11%. The jeans & workwear segment achieved a 6% increase in sales. Ahlers’ own retail segment boosted its revenues by 14% and contributed 9.4% to total group sales.

The clothing company runs 31 own Baldessarini, Otto Kern, Pierre Cardin and Gin Tonic shops. There are other 132 mono-label stores in cooperation with franchise partners, two multi-brand stores in Poland and one in Lithuania. This year, the company plans to open several Pierre Cardin stores and the first Ahlers multi-brand store in Germany, following several openings in Eastern Europe.

CEO Dr. Stella A. Ahlers comments: “Our conservative but growth-oriented strategy is working.” For the next fiscal year she is carefully optimistic: “We expect moderate sales and earning growth.”