SLVR is the name of the new Sport Style collection by Adidas Group set to launch next February. Adidas is also planning to open stores for the new collection, which will consist of basics such as T-shirts, jackets, pants and sneakers for men and women in colors including black, white and gray. More fashionable colors will follow.

SLVR will target a 25 and older demographic, with a design aesthetic that is more minimalist in style and with less striking logos. Prices for shoes range from €80-130, while shirts will range from €35-100 at retail. SLVR also has a strong focus on sustainable materials, including organic cotton and soyabean.

The first SLVR stores will open during Fashion Weeks in New York and Paris next spring, with stores in Miami and Los Angeles to follow. SLVR will also be sold in Adidas Brand Centers in Paris and Beijing and Sport Performance Stores in Moscow and Berlin.