Nina Bogstedt (46) has been the Head of Design at Filippa K since 2008. She joined the Stockholm fashion company fifteen years ago where she soon became an important assistant of Filippa Knutsson. Two years ago the company founder stepped down from her active involvement in running the company. Since then Nina Bogstedt has been solely responsible for all design processes.

This year Filippa K will be marking its 20th company anniversary. What do you feel is the secret to your success?
Filippa K stands for a timeless and purist style which we have remained faithful to. Even after the turn of the millennium when our look was perhaps not as popular as others. We couldn’t have done it any other way either... Most of our employees have been working for us for over ten years. They live our design philosophy. Our customers also appreciate that and are loyal to our fashion. We are also planning to follow a “sustainable” approach in the future. Our products have to be long-lasting. Not only regarding the material and craftsmanship but also when it comes to fit and style.

Are there no changes?
It is certainly true that we have to seek out new pathways in order to continue to develop. For example, I feel it is vitally important to address men and women even more specifically. For women, for instance, we will continue to design elegant fashion which is perfectly tailored and emphasizes quality. We specialize in clothing for various occasions and comfortable trousers. We will systematically expand this range. However, there will also be fashionable highlights such as hairy textures for tops which we have processed as part of our 2013/14 winter collection. Generally it has turned about a bit sportier this time, with long silhouettes. Elegance is achieved by means of dark tones such as black, dark green and navy blue. For next winter the men’s collection will focus on technical materials and functional details. Colors such as navy, ruby, and black will also be predominant in the collection.

At the store you most recently opened in Berlin-Charlottenburg you only offer women’s wear. Why?
That is because of the size: There we have 160 square meters (1,722 square feet) of space. That is perfect for a women’s collection. When women go shopping they need space. Only then do they feel comfortable and enjoy stopping by at the end of the work day. Our male customers, by contrast, have completely different shopping behavior. They often look for the same things again which they already have. We try to cater to these requirements with basic articles which they can wear every day. But we are also thinking about opening more stores exclusively for men.