Sports retailing company 21sportsgroup have announced a successful 2012. According to the company they reached an increase in business volume to over 12 billion Euro.

21sportsgroup’s product range is tailored to cyclists, runners, triahtletes, and recreational athletes. The company is based in Mannheim and serves their customers via their online shops, and as well via their stationary shops L&S Lauf- & Sport Shop and Vertical Ride.

Founder and managing partner Jörg Mayer comments “We continue our dynamic growth.” Michael Burk, managing director of 21sportsgroup adds “Within the crisis-resistant sports product market, streetwear and lifestyle products are selling very well” Burk elaborates that the good sales can be attributed to “The combination of high quality products that are true to their origins in active sport” and that “This is where our strength and competence lies.”