After almost ten years in charge at Bread & Butter Vice President Sebastian Hennecke will leave the company beginning of 2013. According to Bread & Butter’s managing director Karl-Heinz Müller 32-year-old Hennecke leaves at his own request looking for new challenges. “We have dissolved our partnership by amicable agreement. After so many years of dedication for Bread & Butter I absolutely understand Sebastian’s decision,“ Müller stated.

He also negated all rumors about a controversy between him and Hennecke regarding Müller’s dismissal of several brands at Bread & Butter for the upcoming season. “There is not and never was any disagreement at all. People talk a lot, unfortunately, but I can gladly say that Sebastian and I never had any problems, be it on the professional or on the personal side“.

In 2003 at the age of 22 Hennecke started his career at Bread & Butter as an intern, later he moved on as Director of Sales & Marketing before he was announced Vice President in 2010 to become Müller’s representative. „Back then that was a personal decision, not a strategic one, as we did not need a Vice President by itself“, Müller explains. As a consequence the position will not be replaced, still Alexander Kernlinger, so far responsible for sales of the L.O.C.K. and Urban Base areas will take over as new Head of Sales for all areas.