Vinicio Ravagnani, owner of Vinicio, Legnano/Italy, on bestsellers, must-haves, and the hues of the season. Plus the importance of catching your customer’s attention. By Maria Cristina Pavarini

“Right now, the business is not booming, though we have our own clientele we can count on. And if you make a good research and look for new ideas, people recognize it and show their satisfaction. Our store offers a fashion/informal kind of products. We own four boutiques in Legnano, near Milan, and sell men's and women's fashion, designer apparel as well as accessories.

For men, one of our bestsellers is Cellar Door, a jeans brand mostly focused on skinny jeans, often destroyed and coated; dark blue and grey cottons are amongst the most successful colors, with a medium rise - not too high, not too low.

A must is the military boot in different versions, often reminding of the legenday Carpe Diem footwear brand. Our offer includes models with chunky Vibram soles, high- or low-ankle, especially made out of washed and highly treated leather uppers - available from brands such as Ruffa, Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent and Costume National. Also successful are leather jackets, especially made out of washed, aged and uneven leathers.

Knitwear is hot - be it for pashmina and cashmere scarves (indispensable today even if worn with a short-sleeved T-shirt), tops and blazers - better if fringed and uneven at edges.

The hue of the season is grey in most different variants of blacks, grey-greens and chestnut browns. Clean colors are out, rather melange and uneven mixes are much more interesting.

Forget shirts. Short-sleeved T-shirts are the real must-have. Always highly sophisticated, with outstanding or fun prints to be worn with everything - blazers, pullovers, cardigans and - as already mentioned - with a scarf or a pashmina turned around one's neck.

Regarding womenswear, I cannot say a single brand is a bestseller for the moment. We are mostly selling knitwear and jersey dresses, long cardigans and T-shirts to be worn with leggings and studded boots. Despite what one would expect, skulls are still hot! Even if that won't last for long. Surely, next season that will be finally out!

Earth tones and white hues are the must of the moment to be mixed with camels, black and greys. All lightweight and easy pieces are popular now since it is still too warm and no one can think of wearing a down jacket or a coat.

I make my research at White and at showrooms. They all offer great ideas and research brands. I also like to visit showrooms and tradeshows in Paris. Italian and French showroms both offer great inspiration. The only problem is that everything happens almost at the same time and one cannot be at the same place at the same time, while in addition coordinating offices, stores and 25 people. Nevertheless, I like my job. Always looking for a new emotion that can catch my clients' attention."