Scandinavian spirit in East Germany? We found it! Ronnie Haberland knows how to make fashionable people in Dresden happy by offering them well-selected labels and a special shopping experience. We asked him about The Spot’s everyday life(style).

“At the moment we sell labels like Frank Wright, Nudie Jeans, Cheap Monday, Flip Flop, Red Collar Project, Suit and Sessùn best. They all combine comfort, great fits and high quality materials. My favorite brands in the store are Homecore, Patrick Mohr, Sessùn and Whyszeck and for myself Henrik Vibskov, Stine Goya, Soulland, Céline and Marni.

The denim segment is really important for “The Spot“, because jeans often build the starting point for a complete outfit. They are fashion evergreens and still the most popular garment.

We have different types of clients. On the one hand, there are those who like to shop pricewise and don’t look at labels. Then we have the eco-driven consumers who focus on sustainability and in products produced in Europe. And last, but not least, the label lovers that buy their clothes just because of the brand’s image. As our idea is to establish Scandinavian fashion and this kind of lifestyle in Dresden, we mostly order at the Copenhagen fairs and Fashion Week. But we also visit Seek and Premium in Berlin. Of course, we always keep an eye on the trends outside in the world, but also try to translate them for The Spot with our own ideas. The communication between us and our clients is always the priority.
The Spot interior
The Spot interior

For f/w 2011-12, they are all looking forward to buy warm Happy Socks and jackets from Elvine. We also will add unique labels like Vito, Edies Eyes, Volta and Shoe the Bear for next season. I can’t wait to see our clients experiment with the new stuff. They are all really open for new inspirations. That’s great! I think the very special, carefully selected label mix makes The Spot stand out from other stores. In addition to that, we will launch our own limited collection with pants, shirts and T-shirts also named ‘The Spot’ in the near future.

We have many plans. Another one is to open an online shop. We have so many clients that don’t live near a fashionable epicenter. And as we offer some labels that are hard to find in Germany, it would be a great shopping platform. Personally, we still believe in the advantage of the haptic experience and stand for the shopping act as a total experience that includes more than just to try something on quickly in a badly illuminated room before paying with credit card. In the end of the day, shopping should not be just a physical, but also a mental experience.

A very good example for a place full of inspiring energy is the Henrik Vibskov store in Copenhagen. It combines art with commerce in an admirable way. With ‘The Spot’, we also try to create an overall concept in which things complete each other, and – in the end – add up to something higher.“