Nino Carofiglio, Store Manager of Banana Moon, Bari, Italy, explains why streetwear-minded fashion and accessories are the store's strongest items.

“Our store is presently successful especially thanks to some recently acquired brands such as Adidas Originals, Tokidoki and Fidelity. These three brands are offered inside a newly added 200sqm-area which is part of a young fashion store located in Bari’s city center having altogether a sales floor of 450sqm.

We also sell Franklin & Marshall, G-Star and Diesel – all of them both for men and women. We carry streetwear brands in another part of the store and sell Ecko Red, WESC and Vans.

All of our clients are very young – the 15-25 year-olds make up our real core business – and they appreciate also our two private labels Banana Benz and, the most successful, ‘Gomma da Masticare’ (the name means ‘chewing gum’ in English).

Among our bestselling brands – as I already mentioned - there are Tokidoki, Adidas Originals and Fidelity. This last one is not an apparel brand, but an accessory brand. It is a plastic geometric bag in fluo or metallic colors carrying decors as if it was a portable hi-fi set where one can place his or her own iPhone or iPod. This way, not only it can work as a bag, but also as a portable fridge bag, and as well as a real stereo music player. We’re selling it like crazy since this summer and of the same range we also offer penholder cases and keyholders with the same music amplifier function.

Among jeans, we are selling still slim-fit trousers for men, while for women some boot-cut model is being requested. I’m sure that very soon some wider models will start being sold again. In addition, I see that Adidas basket model Top Ten, a most functional and chunkier model is being sold and that sneaker model can also be worn with wider cut jean models.

Another item that is selling very well are sweatshirts. Franklin & Marshall is another one of our bestsellers. Adidas Originals windbreakers are selling truly well – both the anorak model and the one with a long central zipper. Most successful hues are bright blue and night blue.

Among other brands that sell well there is another accessory brand – WESC, the cuff brand. Though we are not simply selling the cuff products but also the whole apparel collection named after it. Apparel remains our core business, though accessories are a cool topic for our store, too.”