An instinct for trends, their very own radio station and an array of special programs and initiatives are just some of what keeps Nuvolari a continued success. The Nuvolari Italian menswear multi-brand chain store accounts for 22 shops across Italy; 17 in Rome with their newest opening two months ago in La Spezia on the Ligurian Sea. The first store opened in 1985 and sixteen years their first mono-brand location was inaugurated under the name Nuvolari Loft, offering complete looks from their private label Nuvolari. Interview by Maria Cristina Pavarini

What are your current bestsellers and why?

Historical brands with strong names like Fred Perry, for example, have always sold well. Moderately priced brands that are able to tie in with the taste of the moment, such as Tommy Hilfiger, are also popular, as well as those with a high emotional impact factor and innovative design like that of Stone Island. Young-minded and powerful t-shirt labels such as Etnies and Pacific have also been successful.

Do people buy according to their favorite brands, style or impulse?

I think our clients come to our store for the brands we offer and because they trust our store's name. Our research is mostly based on feedback from our young and dynamic staff as well as on my own expert instinct in searching for new trends and brands.

Where do you order your shipments? How do you inform yourself about trends? How important is communication with your regular customers?
After so many years spent buying for my stores, it’s natural for me to immediately choose products that I know my clients will easily identify with. For this, experience is key. Communication is now also playing a fundamental role. When two companies offer the same products or services, the more successful of the two will be the one focused on adequate communication that is faster and more effective in reaching the consumer. We use social networks such as Facebook and our two websites ( and to interact with customers. We also communicate through our own radio station, Radio Nuvolari, which is managed by a music studio that helps us select what we play in our stores and transmits programs that often communicate our newest initiatives, promotions and special events.

Nuvolari accounts for 22 shops across Italy
Nuvolari accounts for 22 shops across Italy

What do you have in store for your fall/winter collections?

For next f/w 2012/2013 we’re betting on cotton parkas and heavy, oversize knit tops with shawl collars (to be worn with t-shirts) – a generally grungy yet natural look.

What are the most important trends of the moment?

Turned-up colored trousers either in extra-slim or tapered fits are the most significant, worn with wide-collars and laser-cut at the hems. They are also grunge-inspired, though modern in their attitude and image.

Have you added any new labels to your assortment?
We recently added some new brands although they aren’t necessarily “modern.” C.P. Company, Colmar Original and Barbour, for instance.

How does your store differ from other stores?

Honestly, you should ask our customers. I think that everything starts with the service we offer and the fresh and young image we breathe into it.

What do you like about your customers?
Decidedly everything.

How important is the interior, the atmosphere and the whole package of your store?
They are very important. Our extreme and almost manic attention to every single detail that works to convey our passion is what contributes to building our over-25-year success. And it was this passion that pushed us to experiment with our first Nuvolari Loft mono-brand project, which opened a year ago in Rome. By September 2012 we want to open two more similar stores in Milan and Portogruaro, both in Northern Italy. We’ll be offering our own menswear total look private label Nuvolari, and plan to research and add a larger selection of innovative brands.