Skinny and slim fit jeans, as well as large print t-shirts are hot for both men and women, according to specialist for young jeanswear, Corrado Alota, owner of J.D.C. located in Milan’s city center. Moreover, also feminine dresses for girls and checked shirts for men are strong as well as the store's private label JDC which is especially successful in jeans stores in Northern Italy.

“My store addresses both men and women, mostly between 18 and 30 years old. At present, what I'm selling best are products from the store's private label JDC (which is also sold by other jeanswear stores, especially in Northern Italy ), but also brands like Frankie Garage, Armani Jeans, Roy Rogers, Franklin & Marshall, Silvian Heach, Kocca, Only and Jack & Jones. In terms of jeans, what we are selling most, are skinny jeans for women and slim fit models for men. In general, my customers are looking for visible treatments such as bleached, sanded and aged-effect denims with small abrasions.

Speaking more generally about what women are buying, they are looking most for small dresses in plain colors, flower-printed and checked. They also like t-shirts carrying big writings, oversized knitted tops, leggings, and many accessories. Also men like to buy t-shirts with large letters and slogans, though also opt for short-sleeved checked shirts, plain colored bermuda shorts with side pockets, and strongly-treated vintage effect slim fit cargo pants.

Regarding colors, men prefer basic colors, and women tend to go for more natural hues, especially earth tones and summer hues such as red, yellow, orange, and turquoise.

Moreover, accessories are selling well. Footwear, bags and scarves are what people are looking for the most, especially by Silvian Heach, Converse, Gola and Drunknmunky.

On the other hand, what customers are not buying at all at present are outer jackets, sweatshirts and piqué polo shirts."