Berit Petersdorf, owner of the three Angelos's stores in Hamburg, believes that good costumer contacts and a good feeling for colour can provide you with a lot of inspirations. Also the good contact with the designers are the key for fresh and new ideas for the store and the assortment. Interview by Juliette Nguyen

What are your current bestselling labels? Why? Which ones are your personal favourite brands?

It’s almost a little bit too early talking about good sales. The first new pieces are getting selected, for instance Drykorn, Stills or Second Female. My favourite is yet to come: So Nice from Italy.
Angelo's store
Angelo's store

What do you sell best in terms of denim?
Casual and used lavations. Many costumers wait for Koi’s Boyfriend Jeans.

Do you sell more single pieces or complete outfits?
There are scattered costumers, who buy complete outfits. But essentially single pieces get bought.

Where do you find inspiration for your buying?
If you have good costumer contacts and a good feeling for colour, then you know where you are headed. Furthermore I am in good contact with the designers, with whom we are cooperating. Before the season begins, we talk about where to lay the focus as regards form and colour.

Which is the most important garment for summer 2013 and what can we expect for the winter 2013/14 season?
Finally the sweater is having its comeback. With good, new ideas, a contemporary form as well as a new structure will come by winter. The sweater is an obvious piece of clothing, which will be a good sales driver.

Which are the most important trends or product groups?
Knitwear/sweater (see above) and dresses.
Angelo's store
Angelo's store

Are there any new labels in your assortment? Would you describe it as being rather experimental?
Each new label is an experiment. Jedes neue Label is an Experiment. Pieces, which are going well at other stores, won’t be running at our store at all. But exactly our types of business are living from continuous further development; otherwise the large estates catch up with us.

How do you differentiate from other stores?
Personality, individuality, and special composition of the product range.

What do you particularly like about Hamburg, your location and your customers?
We are Hamburg! We love our city, our costumers and our locations.

How important is the interior, the atmosphere and the entire product?
Very important! Each of our stores is different.

How is purchasing behaviour developing? Do people want classics or rather unique pieces?
Classics, yes. But there must be something new. Either colour or form. New forms are single pieces. There will always be both, but always in a newly presented form.

Do you have an online strategy? Do you shop online yourselves? Is there actually a future for real stores?
We are currently not interested to invest online. We love the genuine, things to be touched and to be experienced.

Is there a kind of role-model store for Angelos?
No. We are Angelos!

Store's contact:
Eppendorfer Weg 217
20253 Hamburg
+49.(0)40.521 0398 10

Ottenser Hauptstraße 44
22765 Hamburg
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