Our retailer of the week Andrea Galbiati, buyer of Milan-based flagship Brian & Barry, says: "Let’s not speak about trends. We’d rather speak about must-haves, indispensable items for everyday life." The 1,500-sqm store offers a huge selection of men and women’s brands that is guided by the meeting of British and contemporary styles and includes the likes of Edwin, Roy Rogers, Sun 68, Woolrich, Moncler, Up To Be, and Victorinox. Tailor-made menswear is also featured along with accessories and footwear as well as technological items and gadgets. The store is part of a large Italian group (Herman Srl and BBB-Boggi Group Spa) founded in 1944 and now made up of 120 stores and different insignias such as 100 Boggi stores, ten Brian & Barry shops and nine Double B locations, menswear stores mostly based in Italy, France, the UK, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, the Middle East and India. Interview by Maria Cristina Pavarini

What are the current bestsellers and why?
We don't have any actual bestsellers, as our customers tend to buy "useful" items that they can wear on a daily basis. Formal and sportswear blazers and jackets, chino trousers and contemporary British-style lace-up shoes characterize our store's most preferred items, however.
What sells most at our Via Durini flagship is the result of our research and ability to answer and interpret the needs of our customers, who are constantly evermore careful and independent in their selections of what can best satisfy their needs in terms of merchandise, quality, price and fashion mix. Our products manage to satisfy our wide-ranging clientele, which is made up of people of all ages and varying spending power.

Milan-based flagship Brian & Barry
Milan-based flagship Brian & Barry

Do people buy according to their favorite brand, style, or impulse?
I would say that they first buy according to style, then impulse and then, after everything else, brand. Still, this order may vary.

Where do you place your orders? How do you inform yourself about trends?
In addition to trade shows in Italy and abroad, our customers are a constant source of information for us. Needless to say, spending time in trendy areas of the city and people watching by our store can sometimes be enough to inspire and inform us. It also helps us begin to understand how they behave and what they like, wear and buy. Last but not least is the Internet, another key source for discovering what can be interesting, especially during our research phase. Once we buyers make our choice, we share our selection with the store's salespeople and our office personnel in order to explain why we chose certain products over others.

Milan-based flagship Brian & Barry
Milan-based flagship Brian & Barry
How important is communication with regular customers? How do you communicate with them?

The media through which we communicate with our customers varies all the time. We use social networks and our website and also organize special events in our store.

What do your upcoming spring/summer collections look like?
Brian & Barry will continue to interpret all of the season's moods and must-haves with a collection that is usually inspired by a reinvented British style and strong attention to detail while mixing vintage inspiration with modern materials and ideas.

Milan-based flagship Brian & Barry
Milan-based flagship Brian & Barry
What are the most important trends, in general?
Let's not speak about trends. They no longer have meaning. We’d rather speak about must-haves, indispensable items for every day use.

How does your store differ from other stores?
Brian & Barry is a modern multi-brand store where one can find exclusive and high-quality pieces. Our meticulously selected offer mixes products and brands that define our prestigious flagship store's identity and capture the attention of our clients, who love traditional yet contemporary pieces.

How important is the interior, the atmosphere and the whole package of your store?
We believe in the importance of welcoming our clientele in an environment that makes them feel at ease. The store is designed to better welcome customers and interact with them. Here, any client can look around and speak with our salespeople and ask them for advice and ideas about what makes them feel and look best.
Milan-based flagship Brian & Barry
Milan-based flagship Brian & Barry

store's contact:
Brian & Barry
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