Access to the show
Access to the show

11 Jul. 2014

Review Capsule Berlin: A quiet start and busy closing

"We are represented for the first time at Capsule, concurrently also at Bread & Butter (BBB). We like it here because people are not as affluent, allowing us to really talk with people and make new contacts easily,” says Hiroki “Kishi” Moto of Japan Blue Jeans.
Samantha Pleet
Samantha Pleet
In spite of a pretty quiet start on Tuesday morning, also affected by heavy rain in the afternoon, the corridors at Capsule got busier on Wednesday.
“On Tuesday there was not that much going on, but today there have been some interesting buyers here” said Mark Dempsey, director of the men’s beachwear and accessories label Franks Australia. In the same direction, Brandon Svare, president of Naked & Famous Denim, whose stand was right next to the entrance of the show, said: “It has been a busy show for us. We have exhibited at BBB in former times, but we prefer the more intimate atmosphere of Capsule, so we’ll be back!” Capsule took place again at the Postbahnhof, an old factory venue that provided the right aesthetics for the fashion collections.

There was also a general rule to follow at Capsule: streetwear. Some of the hottest trends spreading among the fashionistas in attendance: every sort of sneaker model (predominantly white tennis shoes), tracksuit pants and jackets mixed in with formal shirts and blazers. Another trend was a pair of sandals combined with white tennis socks .

Camo neoprene sweater by Apocs
Camo neoprene sweater by Apocs
Most interesting collection: newcomer label Apocs introduced their clothing line for the first time outside Denmark for the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign with its mix of materials such as cotton with polyamide and nylon, achieving incredible textures in sportswear garments like bomber jackets, shorts and sweatshirts. The key product is the camouflage neoprene sweater.

The  cutest  patterns: Samantha  Pleet, a New York-based designer, premiered crop tops, dresses, skirts and shorts at the Capsule Berlin with an abundance of dreamlike, fanciful patterns.

Most interesting accessories: Eve & Adis, who’s also a new addition to Capsule. The brand creates its bags and wallets using cork and bio leather from sustainably raised cows. A really soft touch!

Best footwear: Barleycorn, who presented a collection of Oxford shoes with a thick sole including an air camera. The right hybrid between sneakers and shoes!

Best denim: Naked & Famous Denim. Their assortment provides everything a retailer needs for next Spring/Summer 2015: white denims, jogg jeans and a combination of denim, cotton and linen materials – the ideal outfit for warmer weather.

Lorenzo Molina

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