Diesel's new CEO: Alessandro Bogliolo.

28 Aug. 2013

Alessandro Bogliolo Is Diesel's new CEO

Alessandro Bogliolo is Diesel's new CEO. The manager will start his new role from 1 October, 2013.

Bogliolo is an Italian manager who is renowned within the international luxury market. He built up his experience within the consultant company Bain & Co, first in Paris and then in Milan. He later worked in the automotive sector at Piaggio, in Spain and China. Bogliolo developed his longest and most important managerial experience at jewellery company Bulgari, where he worked between Singapore and its Italian headquarters, for 16 years. The last position he held there was Chief Operating Officer. In 2012 he was named COO North America for Sephora, in San Francisco.

All of Diesel's general managers from all of its divisions and business units - including general managers of all of Diesel's worldwide affiliates - will report to Bogliolo.

Alessandro Bogliolo commented: "I always looked at Diesel as one of the few iconic worldwide brands and as one of the companies with the most extraordinary performance. I am now arriving at Diesel for the brand's 35th anniversary and think that I can contribute to designing its next years. A new phase of development for a brand is an incredibly exciting time."

"Diesel is living in a new phase of development," commented Renzo Rosso, founder Diesel and president, OTB, Diesel’s holding company. "After naming Nicola Formichetti as artistic director of the brand at the beginning of the year and the kick-off of the first marketing initiatives, such as the #DieselReboot campaign (see our report), this new arrival is the perfect complement. Diesel is a premium international brand and Alessandro's background cannot but confirm and enrich this positioning and our future development ambitions."

Maria Cristina Pavarini

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On 02.05.2015 at 09:05 Nef Ernesto wrote:

Pricing in Switzerland

To whom it may concern
Until today i bought more than 150 pairs of Diesel-Jeans, due to exchange rate Euro/Swiss Francs your prices in Swiss Francs are far too high. As from know i am going to buy other brands which adjusted the price!
Kind regards Ernesto Nef


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