Premium Exhibition Berlin
Premium Exhibition Berlin

02 Jul. 2013

Premium Exhibition Berlin shows optimism

Despite a hard summer, the atmosphere at Premium is positive. Entering the show this morning, the mood of the show was optimistic; forgetting last season and looking forward. The brands too share this enthusiasm.

This summer has been one of the hardest in recent years, but that is exactly why retailers are curious, open minded and excited about seeing new collections. At the same time they are driving with their brakes on. “They are looking much more for prices and materials than before,” says Peter Kuhl, Distribution South at J. Brand. “Retailers are looking to differentiate themselves from other stores with new labels and themes,” says Ulrike Hauser, Head of PR at Diesel Black Gold.

Oliver Frielingsdorf, General Manager of Pop-Market is satisfied, adding “For the first time the wholesale market base is present at and partnered with Premium. We have already acquired 15 new labels for our platform. People are in a good mood."
Samira Mikhail

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