Ström: new US denim label
Ström: new US denim label

18 Aug. 2013

Label To Watch: Ström

A new premium denim is born. A little bit of Sweden combined with a pinch of California makes Ström, a new L.A. based premium denim label for women. Founded in 2012 by Swedish model Erika Stromqvist, who also acts as Creative Director, Ström is based on the idea of a sexy denim label with effortless chic.

The first collection had its debut at Coterie in January 2013, and contains 48 pieces focused on three key denim styles: Selvedge Denim, High-waisted Vintage Look and Skinny Fit Poppy. The offer is completed with twenty percent jackets and fashion pieces. Supplemented by Flash-Programs, Ström currently offers two main collections, marketed in USA and Japan with retail prices between 170 and 250$.
Melanie Gropler

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